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Time to Weed for Personal Growth

Assisting people in growth is like planting a garden – you till the soil, plant the seed and add some water. No matter how hard you work the soil in preparation, weeds will soon appear. The weeds, if not removed, will steal the vital nutrients and water from your plant.

In personal growth, there are weeds? These weeds will steal your momentum, hope, passion and work. Keeping these weeds close will take away from the success you are having and bring your down.

Maybe it is time to remove some weeds? What weeds do you need to remove?

Complainers? Naysayers? Gripers? Time Wasters? Preventers?

What do you need to remove to accomplish your success?

Just some weekend thoughts,

What to Leave for Your Children

Your family is your #1 legacy. They will carry forward the teachings and the inspiration you have left them for years to come. Your influence on them now can speak for generations and change countless lives.

As you consider the legacy you will leave for your children, be assured you will leave something. You can leave the greatness of life or you can leave the sadness of what could have been. Make it a priority today, to leave them with the greatness of life.

Below are a few things you can leave for your children to create a legacy of greatness.

What to Leave for Your Children


Your Journals – Your thoughts, ideas, blessings, triumphs, accomplishments, victories and even your triumphs are part of your family. They are what shapes and molds you and in turn have shaped your family. A simple look at life with its ups and downs can motivate them to keep moving. Begin journaling to share with your family as they read through your journals long after you have left this earth.

Your Books – Brian Tracy is credited with saying, “Rich people have big libraries; poor people have televisions.” This is a big generalization, but one that deserves some serious thought. How many books have you read this past year? How many television shows have you watched? A well-used library is a great tribute to a successful person.

Your Craft – Thing things we buy may not go for generations, but what you teach and make for your children will. I still have several Tonka trucks from my younger years. Those trucks have outlasted many other toys I had, so I handed them down to my son. The great thing is, my son would much rather spend time with me, than a Tonka truck. What craft are you leaving your children?

So, what you are leaving for your children?

Just a thought,



My Grandmother Got Better

Marsha's camera thanksgiving 2010 209

Today, my grandmother got better.

As many of you know my grandmother has been battling cancer for 18 months. Today, at 1:27pm, she got better.

Her body has been work out throughout this battle, but today it got better. Her fleshly body faded fast, but her spiritual body was ready as it had ever been. There was nothing that would stop her from stepping out of this life and into the next. Today, she was ready to get better.

As she closed her eyes for the last time, she knew. She knew something that each of us desire to know – she knew she would get better. Her frail body will now walk again. Her breathing is no longer labored, but the best it has even been. She is better.

Today, it was hard to watch her get better. The memories of the past flooded our mind as each memory became a small tear. The tears were definitely flowing and one day they will stop, but for now, let the memories of the past be the power in the light of the future.

Leave a legacy by living your life.

Today, my grandmother got better.

Just my thoughts,